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Have you ever visualized the web as a plane? If you look hard enough you will see three evenly spaced points, networking, design, and programming.

Ask yourself, where am I on that plane and in which direction am I heading?

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Open/Public Repositories

Below is a list of workings that are public on github.

NOTE: If it has a live link, it is up and being used by web people. If it says sample, it means it is in the works and probably not very stable.

~ My Projects

dhtmlx helper library github
css3 table styler tool on the web githublive
jQuery star rating plugin githublive
a lightweight javascript timepicker githublive
a fun, full screen, colorpicker githubsample
simple clean time picker github

~ How To Do Stuff

ajax file upload
how to upload file with ajax githubexample
iframe uploader
how to upload file with an iframe githubexample